Born in 1965 in Lopare, Republika Srpska, BiH. He graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, Department of Wood Processing. Since 1992 he has been living and working in Vienna. He expresses his creativity through painting, photography, as well as making or restoring usable and decorative objects from natural materials.



1999 Postsparkasse AG Bank, Wien
Flora Apotheke, Wien
Cafe Rondo, Wien
Millenium City Plaza, Wien
Musisches Zentrum ,Wien
Cafe Les Fleurs, Wien
Coiffeur Salon Greta Matul, Wien
2000 Althof Retz, Retz
Cafe Bredendick, Wien
Flora Apotheke, Wien
2001 Cafe schwarzenberg, Wien
Bank Austria, Wien
2002 Cafe Schwarzenberg ,Wien
Cafe Le Monde, Wien
Cafe schottenring ,Wien
CA Cafe, Wien
Cafe Volkstheater ,Wien
Cafe Groissböck, Wien
2003 Cafe Schwarzenberg, Wien
Cafe Twins-Lugner City ,Wien
2004 Kaffee Konditorei Lintner, Wien
Cafe Boutique Lenzenhofer, Wien
2007 Kaffee Konditorei Lintner, Wien
2009 WiedenPassage, Wien